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PacifiClear is one of the fastest growing, most trusted swimming pool programs in the hardware industry. This program is designed for ease of use by both homeowners and commercial establishments alike. Additionally, select PacifiClear retailers are able to computer analyze 8 parameters of your swimming pool or spa water and prescribe accurate dosage amounts based on your water’s current condition. This process helps keep your water safe and beautiful and prevents waste through needless overdosing of chemicals. For over a decade, this professional strength chemical line has proven its ability to save you time and money while ensuring the safety and beauty of your swimming pool or spa*.

User Guides

Pool Care

Testing and Balancing your swimming pool regularly will save you TIME, MONEY & FRUSTRATION!

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Spa Care

Depending on how frequently you use your spa, you may need to change your water more or less often. See our complete spa care guide

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Water Testing

Use our tool to see how your water measures up!

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